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Looking for information on a property in Australia? Real Search allows you to search by address for NSW, VIC, QLD, ACT, NT, SA, TAS and WA. Real Search also offers direct title reference, volume/folio or plan number searching nationally across Australia. Order Online Titles, Plans & Dealings.
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About Title Search Report

Title Search (NSW, VIC, QLD, TAS, NT, ACT, WA & SA) – Titles and property certificates provide information about a specific parcel of land. Includes information on current owners, mortgages, covenants, caveats and easements. 
In New South Wales, every parcel of Torrens Title land comes with a Certificate of Title. When you purchase a piece of land, this certificate is updated to verify you as its owner.

Why a Title Search Report is conducted?

  • To ascertain current owners
  • To see if there is a mortgage registered on title
  • To see if any caveats have been registered on title
  • To see if the property is affected by any easements, restrictions or covenants

A title search will advise if the seller has a saleable interest in the property, whether there are any restrictions on the use of land and if any liens exist on the property, which will need to be paid off at closing.

What will I get in Title Search Report?

  • Current ownership details with the full name
  • Volume and folio or title reference number
  • Survey plan number and type
  • Encumbrances and notifications including mortgage
  • Whether there is a caveat against the title
  • List of any unregistered dealings

What is Title Search Report useful for?

  • Checking current property ownership
  • To see if there is a mortgage registered on title
  • Homebuyer and investor research
  • Buying and selling any piece of real estate
  • Planning applications

Why are Property Checks Important?

When looking to buy or sell a property it’s essential to understand the factors that may influence the property value, accessibility and future of that property. Property Title Searches reduce risk by giving you an understanding of the potential land use restrictions, easements, debts and land value detractors, allowing you to make informed decisions prior to purchase or sale.
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Property evaluation using vital information
Title Search Report contains all required information for getting detailed idea about property market and property itself. It was very useful for me as buyer. It helped a lot in analyzing various aspects of property itself and market.
| 9/11/2021 6:08 am
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