Housing Minister Claims NSW Isn't Getting "Fair Go" on Funding

Tuesday, 19 March 2024

New South Wales Housing Minister Rose Jackson has fired a shot in the ongoing debate over federal funding, claiming the state is being unfairly disadvantaged.

Minister Jackson pointed to both the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and recent cuts to infrastructure funding as evidence that NSW isn't receiving its fair share of federal resources.

"We're clearly not getting a fair go," Ms. Jackson told Sky News Australia. "It's not just the GST, but it comes on top of cuts to the state's infrastructure funding. We're not getting our fair share through our national agreements."

Despite these frustrations, Ms. Jackson emphasised NSW's commitment to progress. "We want to do our bit," she said. "New South Wales is trying to lead, trying to build more housing. The state government is doing everything we can."

Her comments come amidst ongoing discussions about the distribution of federal funding across Australian states. With NSW being the most populous state, the debate over whether it receives a proportional share of resources is a constant point of contention.

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