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Sydney Auction Clearance Rate Rises

14 October, 2020 - 0 Comments

Sashi Prasad Oct 14, 2020

Sydney Auctions being tracked by CoreLogic rose slightly and it’s expected to overtake figures from two weeks ago as the busiest week since April. With 820 homes scheduled for auction, it makes up 70% of all auction activity.

430 properties were recently auctioned across Sydney, down from 733 held a year ago.

CoreLogic says the final auction clearance rate in Sydney rose across lower volumes. 430 homes were auctioned with a clearance rate of 65.8%. Higher than the 65.4% over the previous week when 812 auctions took place. There was a higher final clearance rate a year ago at 74.7% but with fewer [317] homes auctioned.

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Sydney Auction Clearance Rate Rises

Sydney Auctions rose slightly and is set to overtake recent figures from two weeks ago.