Young Aussies Feeling Hopeless: Will Labor Deliver the Key to Their Dream Home?

Thursday, 7 March 2024

Deputy Opposition Leader Susan Ley throws shade at the Albanese government, claiming young Australians are feeling "pretty despairing" about their chances of buying a first home.

According to Ley, the rising cost of living combined with a lack of clear housing policy from Labour is creating a sense of hopelessness among young Australians.

"They are facing the cost of living crisis that everyone is," Ley said on Sky News Australia, "but they're also looking at how they can save for a deposit."

Ley positioned the Coalition as the champion for young homeownership, promising to "look at a range of policies" to address affordability.

With housing prices showing no signs of slowing down, will Labour be able to deliver on its promises and unlock the doors of home ownership for young Australians?

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