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Joint tenancy vs tenancy in common
Both descriptions mean that you end up owning a share of the property. Each structure has different consequences, depending on which agreement you choose.
Property Valuation
When you apply for a loan to purchase a property, the bank will conduct its valuation of the property and use its findings to decide whether to lend you the money you want. This valuation report is different from an appraisal. It gives the bank more than just an amount.
How to Avoid Disputes over a Fence
Fence disputes are legal issues as defined by law under each state legislation, but emotions is the thing that gets in the way of sensible outcomes. So if your neighbour refuses, then it’s probably a good idea to just spend the money yourself. Besides, having a good fence will increase the future saleability of your property, but don’t be cheap, whether you live in it or rent it out, always keep your fences and retaining walls maintained. After all, your fencing costs are a minimal part compared to the overall worth of your property.