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Blog posts of '2021' 'September'

Understanding your credit score - 0 Comments
Understanding your credit score
This is a measure of your “creditworthiness”. Lenders use it to work out how likely (or unlikely) it is that you will default on your mortgage repayments. Looking into your credit history, and crunching numbers, helps lenders to calculate a figure that will be your credit score.
Keeping good tenants - 0 Comments
Keeping good tenants
Finding and keeping good tenants is easier said than done. But when you do find them, be sure you have a plan ready so that they want to stay on. Going out of your way to keep them on will be well worth your time and effort.
What to do if wearing a mask fogs up your glasses - 0 Comments
What to do if wearing a mask fogs up your glasses
Friends and relatives often complain about their glasses fogging up while also wearing a mask. So here are some suggestions on how to wear a mask while making sure we’re still able to see through our glasses.
Renting on Airbnb - 0 Comments
Renting on Airbnb
You can enjoy good returns on your holiday home or investment property by listing it on Airbnb. The latest income and occupancy rates through Airbnb in Australia shows Sydney (NSW) with 29,367 active rentals, with an average daily rate of $230. The average monthly revenue is $2,965 with an occupancy rate of 65%.