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Real Estate Negotiation Tips
You've been working hard on selling your house, but now you're stuck in negotiations. What do you do next? Here are negotiation tips to help you negotiate successfully.
4 Things to Check out Before Committing to buy a Property
Ensure you uncover all the “invisible” issues and restrictions around the property and its surrounds before you commit to buy a property.
Tips for First-Time Home Buyer's
Ensure that you have a stable job and can see yourself living in the same location for the next 5-10 years. Create your ideal wish list, calculate what you can afford, gather the necessary documents, research available mortgages, Request quotes from multiple lenders for loans. Get pre-qualified for a loan and obtain a pre-approval letter. Then find an Agent and ask friends or family members for second opinions as you go through the buying process
What to do if wearing a mask fogs up your glasses
Friends and relatives often complain about their glasses fogging up while also wearing a mask. So here are some suggestions on how to wear a mask while making sure we’re still able to see through our glasses.