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Blog posts tagged with 'first home buyer'

Buying at Auction - 0 Comments
Buying at Auction
A home is probably the biggest purchase you will make, so beware of making snap decisions, especially when there’s skyrocketing prices and a shortage of listings. If this is your first home, then remember that it will involve some compromise with location and size, but do your research to avoid common mistakes.
Tips for First-Time Home Buyer's - 0 Comments
Tips for First-Time Home Buyer's
Ensure that you have a stable job and can see yourself living in the same location for the next 5-10 years. Create your ideal wish list, calculate what you can afford, gather the necessary documents, research available mortgages, Request quotes from multiple lenders for loans. Get pre-qualified for a loan and obtain a pre-approval letter. Then find an Agent and ask friends or family members for second opinions as you go through the buying process
Helping your child into their first property - 0 Comments
Helping your child into their first property
Every child eventually leaves home. It’s part of the process with many parents likely to feel unsure of how their child will be able to afford a home of their own. It will take years, especially in Sydney. The very lucky ones are given a house, bought and paid for by their parents. But for the rest of us, the process is far longer. In this article, you’ll find ways to assist your child to get into a property.