4 Things to Check out Before Committing to buy a Property


Ensure you uncover all the “invisible” issues and restrictions around the property and its surrounds before you commit to buy.

  1. Is the property subject to an owner’s corporation (sometimes known as body corporate)?

    You may be required to pay fees and follow rules that restrict what you can do on your property. This applies mainly to buying an apartment or townhouse.

  2. Are there any proposed or granted planning permits in the surrounding area?

    Planningalerts.org.au is a great resource, or check out your local council or state planning portals for development applications.

  3. Have you checked the crime statistics of the area?

    Most state governments publish this information on their websites.

  4. Does the property have working connections for water, sewerage, electricity, gas, telephone and internet?

    This information available in a vendor's statement, or you can confirm it with the real estate agent selling the property. 
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