Breaking a Rental Lease

When renting an apartment or house in Sydney, there are many things to consider. Here are some things you should know BEFORE signing a rental agreement!

Understand the Terms

When you rent an apartment or house, you need to understand the terms. This includes how long you will stay, whether you can sublet, and what happens when you move out.

Know The Rules Before You Sign

If you sign a lease without knowing the rules, you might find yourself in trouble later. It’s important to read the fine print carefully, so you know exactly what you’re getting into. If in doubt, ask someone.

Understand The Landlord's Rights

You need to understand the landlord’s rights when breaking a lease. If you break a lease, you will lose your deposit and any security deposits you paid. This means you will also owe rent until the end of the lease term.

Be Prepared For Any Surprises

Before signing a rental agreement, make sure you read through the terms and conditions carefully. It’s important to understand what you are agreeing to, so you won’t be surprised by anything later on.

You also break the lease when the house is for sale.

Don't Forget To Check Out The Apartment Or House Before Moving In

If you are moving into a new home, check out the property first. Make sure everything works properly, such as the heating system, shower pressure, appliances, and plumbing.  Also, ensure the building has been inspected by a professional.

Have an Emergency Plan B

You will need to find a place to live while you search for a new home.  This means finding a temporary residence until you move into your new home.

It also means making sure you have a plan in case something happens to your current home.

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