How Do You Select a Home in Marsden Park Elara

How Do You Select a Home in Marsden Park Elara

T.Fullman March 05, 2021

Selecting a Home

Getting a home in Marsden Park Elara is a major purchase, so you will want to ensure that the home you buy meets your needs and is within your budget. It’s exciting looking for a home. But this can easily lead buyers to grab the first one they fall in love with. But not so fast! Take your time.

You’ll want to ensure that it meets your needs and fulfils as many of your housing wants as possible. This goes a long way towards turning the home you buy into a haven instead of a headache.

In this article you will find out about what to look for when selecting a home. But remember to consult an expert or your local real estate agent, as part of your decision-making process.

Before you start

It is recommended that you begin your house hunting by creating a list of everything you ‘need vs everything you want’. This will give you a clearer understanding of the home that is right for you and your budget. It will also help you to focus your search so that you don’t waste time viewing everything out there, especially those that are unsuitable or outside your budget, unless of course, this is part of your mental process.

What do you need

Modern homes in Marsden Park Elara already provide many cost-effective features that provide safety, security, comfort and many modern features. But if a family member uses a wheelchair then you might also need ramps, with wide interior doorways and maybe a bedroom and toilet on the ground floor suitable for a wheelchair.  What about a pool, do you need it or want it. It may be something you want, so you will need to find a home with an existing pool or has that it has room for one. These are decisions you will need to consider within your financial boundaries.

Factors to consider:

  • What important facilities need to be close by - Marsden Park has a convenient Bus stop and is an approximate 10 minutes drive from Schofields Train Station with a free shuttle bus service during peak hours. The nearby Sydney Business Park includes Bunnings, Costco, JB Hi-Fi, Ikea, Aldi and a Lindt Chocolate Factory Outlet. Woolworths is also located in nearby Greenway Village. There is also a nearby medical facility and retirement home with a future neighbourhood shopping centre planned for Marsden Park Elara with its own full line supermarket, gym, childcare and medical services. There are also a range of schools nearby and open spaces for walks and the family to enjoy.

  • Getting to Marsden Park Elara is also easy with the nearby M7 motorway that links to the M2 and M4.

  • How many rooms will suit your needs - Marsden Park Elara offers a range of homes from 1 to five bedrooms to suit your needs. They also come in single or double storey.

  • What about the size and storage - Most homes in Marsden Park are big enough for the unexpected.

  • Most homes also have their own car parking spaces and there is extra on street parking.

  • What about peace and quiet or is traffic or school noise acceptable, you can choose the location that is right for you.

  • Marsden Park offers a lot of good natural light that suits solar power if you need it.

  • Do you need a garden - Most homes in Marsden Park Elara have their own private spaces where you can easily set up your own little garden.

Check out the Neighbourhood

  • It is recommended that you take a walk through the area and talk to residents to find out what they think of the neighbourhood, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Contact the school and ask how the neighbourhood schools compare with other schools in the district.

  • Visit the neighbourhood at different times to judge its friendliness, cleanliness, safety and traffic.

  • Figure out what your commuting routes will be to and from work.

  • Find out how close you’ll be to grocery stores, shopping malls and entertainment.

  • Ask your real estate agent about future planned road or housing construction or zoning changes affecting the area.


Knowing what you need and what you want in a home will make your home search easier, faster, and more effective. So list your needs and wants and share this information with your real estate agent.

Remember that when you buy a home, you are also buying an interest in the neighbourhood where it’s located. So be sure that your dream house meets your needs and fulfils as many of your housing wants as possible. This goes a long way towards turning the home you buy into a haven for you and your family.

At Marsden Park Elara you are unlikely to be disappointed.

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