Pros and Cons of Virtual property inspections

The pandemic has been moving property inspections towards online technology with agents directing them towards virtual property inspections, for a peek. Here are some of the pros and cons of virtual inspections:


You're able to visualise the home

Virtual inspections help you to visualise the property in a more detailed and meaningful way. It's better than looking at photos.

It doesn't replace reality

You should contact the agent if you're interested, so that you can find out about any issues that may not be clear in the virtual inspection.

Browse at your leisure

Virtual inspections allow you to browse the properties you like at your leisure. This enables you to do more detailed research and  select only the properties you want to inspect in person.

It doesn't replace face to face 

Virtual inspections are a great tool to help buyers select properties, but it doesn't have the same effect as meeting with the agent to ask questions.

You can check out the property

Virtual inspections enable you to get a feel for a property before deciding if it's right for you, and taking the next steps.

Technology limitations

Virtual inspections are still limited by the technology used, and how experienced the agents are at using it.

No need  for note-taking

Virtual inspections allow you to go back and relook at the property, again and again. You can zoom in and pan around the entire room, and up and down too.

Quality of  Inspection

It all depends on the quality of your experience, from what you have seen.


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